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Institute of Comparative Linguistics research grants


The ICL is currently involved in three grants with GAČR (Grant Agency of the Czech Republic), in all cases as the main or sole institution.

1. Diachronic typology of suppletion (2014-15)

Members: Jan Bičovský Ph.D. (ICL), Doc. PhDr. Petr Zemánek (ICL), Mgr. Pavel Čech, Ph.D. (ICL), Ronald Kim, Ph.D. (ICL), Reiner Lipp, Ph.D. (ICL), Viktor Elšík, Ph.D. (IGL)Doc. Lucie Pultrová, Ph.D. (IGLS)Mgr. Ján Bakyta (IGLS)

The project is concerned with the relatively understudied phenomenon of suppletion within the diachronic and comparative perspective of the Indo-European and Semitic languages, throughout their documented history and as far back as the first reconstructible stages.

2. Manner of articulation features in the Proto-Indo-European obstruent system (2014-16)

Member: Reiner Lipp, Ph.D. (ICL)

The project aims at a reevaluation of the treatment of final stops and clusters in older Indo-European languages on the basis of the behaviour of features such as voice, tenseness and aspiration in neutralizing positions and on that basis to describe PIE consonantism in a way that would make it possible explain some hitherto elusive questions of obstruent distribution in the PIE root and morphophonology of the protolanguage.

3. Structure of culture: Arabic and Islamic culture in prism of corpus linguistics (2013-16)

Member: Doc. PhDr. Petr Zemánek (ICL)

The principle of quotation (marked and unmarked), variation and repetition has been often named as one of the characteristics of Arabic medieval literature. Existing corpora allow the study of this phenomenon in detail.
The team has at its disposal corpora of modern and medieval Arabic texts (450 million words), which enable one to retrieve the relevant data for the project. Based on the methods of corpus linguistics, the goal is to explore quotations from each text in the rest of the collection and interpret the retrieved data from the linguistic and literary and cultural points of view and create a hierarchical picture of
individual works and the linguistic shaping of the text.
The procedures developed for the analyses will be used for the study of stylistic aspects of groups of texts, their inheritance and permeability. The analyses will also comprise the study of idioms in Arabic and their dynamics (rise, usage and decline).


In addition, members of the ICL have received internal grants from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University or from the Grant Agency of Charles University (Grantová agentura UK) to support completion and publication of monographs.

Jan Bičovský

Vnitřní soutěž FF UK 2015: Stručná mluvnice praindoevropštiny (Short Grammar of Proto-Indo-European), 2nd ed.

Dita Frantíková
Grantová agentura UK 2015: Electronic Corpora of Hittite
Vnitřní granty FF UK 2015: Databáze adjektivních valenčních vzorců starých jazyků (Database of Adjectival Valency Formulas in Ancient Languages)

Vnitřní soutěž FF UK 2014, project no. 23606263: Chetitská čítanka pro začátečníky (Hittite Reader for Beginners)

Ronald Kim
Vnitřní soutěž FF UK 2015: Introduction to the Tocharian Languages


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