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The Collapse of Babylon




The Collapse of Babylon in Fact and Memory

Seth Richardson, University of Chicago


In 1595 BC, the 300-year-old dynasty of Babylon was terminated by a Hittite raid. The event not only ended the “first half” of Mesopotamian history and culture, but formed the crux of a historical and chronographic problem for modern scholars. This paper will explore both new evidence for the denouement of Hammurabi’s dynastic kingdom, and its meaning to both ancient and modern thinkers. The first part of the presentation will focus on the major constituencies in the kingdom: southerners, northerners, cities, countrysides, the soldiers, and the court. The next part will analyze the historiographic traditions about Babylon’s demise in the “second half” of Mesopotamian history, with some considerations about the connection between the facts and memories of the traumatic event.



Kdy: pátek 15. května 2015 od 14:00

Kde: Zelená posluchárna, Celetná 20

Organizátor: ČEgÚ, GA ČR P401/12/G168, Historie a interpretace Bible


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