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Institue of Comparative Linguistics kindly invites you to international workshop "Speaking Names"

The workshop of the Czech-Austrian Aktion Project concerning Speaking Names in the Antiquity will take place next week in Prague, Czech Republic (University Campus Hyb4, room 3D). It is a joint project of the University of Innsbruck, Austria and the Charles-University of Prague, Czech Republic. You are invited to join the workshop in person, or to follow selected zLectures online. 

The introductory lecture by Scott Noegel (Washington University) entitled From Rebellion and Death to Victory: On Appellative Paronomasia in Numbers 20-21  will already take place on Monday, 20th of September.

Time: Sep 20, 2021 07:00 PM Prague Bratislava (= 05:00 PM GMT)

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For the handout, go to

Vladimir Sazonov (Tartu University), The Names of Assyrian Kings and their Opponents.

Time: Sep 23, 2021 10:00 AM Prague Bratislava (= 08:00 AM GMT)

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Programm (Prague time = GMT + 2):

Thursday, 23. September 

09:15-10:00 Pavel Čech (Karls-Universität Prag): Nomen sermonem. Wie Charaktonyma die Handlung  

unterstützen – und wie sie sie ersetzen  

10:00-10:45 Vladimir Sazonov (Universität Tartu): The Names of Assyrian Kings and their Opponents  


11:00-11:45 Iulia Dumitrache (Universität Iaşi): Character, Ridiculousness and Shame in the Latin Satire. The use of Proper Names at Martial  

11:45-12:30 Delila Jordan (Universität Innsbruck): Lateinische Namen bei Harry Potter  


15:00-15:30 Petr Charvát (ZČU Pilsen): Imago loquens – a Toponym of Archaic Ur (2900-2700 BC)  

15:30-16:15 Gebhard Selz (Universität Wien): Sumerian Names as Program?  


16:30-17:30 Sebastian Fink (Universität Innsbruck): Namen im Aratta-Zyklus  

17:30-18:15 Petr Sláma (Karls-Universität Prag): Moses’s Water Stunts or A Few Observations on the  

Puns in Exodus 2:10 and 15:22–26  


Friday, 24. September  

09:00-09:45 Martin Gális (Karls-Universität Prag): Anatolian Anthroponyms in Light of Language Contact  

09:45-10:30 Clemens Steinberger (Universität Göttingen): Sprechende Namen und mehrdeutige Epitheta in der ugaritischen und mittelbabylonischen Poesie  

10:30-11:00 Sebastian Fink: Abschließende Bemerkungen

For more information, contact Pavel Čech ( and Sebastian Fink (


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